“My Mission is to help people feel more comfortable in their bodies so they can do the things they love.”

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https://www.jacobysaustin.com/2024/05/n5sh5e05 As long as we are going to be on this earth it is important for us to take care of our body. So often I see clients who think that what is going on with their body is something they have to live with. The issue with just “living with the problem” is that it frequently gets worse and then we start moving differently to compensate for the issue. What started out as a small problem is now many problems one layered on top of the other because we no longer move the way that is ideal. Better to address a small pain sooner rather than many issues later.


https://templedavid.org/symons/fzq2rizhs4 The focus of the therapeutic massage or medical/orthopedic massage is to determine the exact cause of a client’s pain or discomfort. The goal is to work on the structures that are implicated and heal those areas so that a client can get back to the activities they love. Therapeutic massage or medical/orthopedic massage is designed to address pain, discomfort or dysfunction. It is also great in relieving muscle soreness due to a rigorous workout routine.


get link Through the healing process I teach clients self care so that they can continue the healing outside our sessions. This is done through educating the client on what is happening in their body, what my protocol is and how that will facilitate their healing. With this knowledge they will better understand how the self care techniques will expedite their healing. I believe in a gentle approach. The body should be convinced/cajoled into changing and not strong armed into the change.


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https://grannysglasses.com/?p=d69fpvq64 For many years, I endured periodic lower back pain that would often prevent me from enjoying my life including playing the game that I love, golf. Marybeth determined the source of pain during my first appointment. I went home feeling much better and healthier after each subsequent session. Plus, Marybeth showed me preventative exercises that I could do on my own, and she made certain that I knew how to do them correctly. My back now feels better and play golf pain free. https://thegreathighway.com/cb8k4c75v Bob https://annmorrislighting.com/hlpftidxlrc , Buy Genuine Valium
https://restoreredspruce.org/2024/05/13/a7wmb7v9 Marybeth is much more than a massage therapist. She is more comparable to a "body whisperer". Her hands read the complex connections, muscles, tendons, etc of our body and soothe them into relaxation. Marybeth's extensive knowledge of the muscular and skeletal systems and their functions are unique. Many years of experience have added to her knowledge and compassionate being! https://www.vertaglia.com/okcnrpf79 Jackie Buy Cheap Alprazolam , https://templedavid.org/symons/avv2zwem9
https://discovershareinspire.com/2024/05/fd8b7wc I just wanted to tell you that your knowledge of the body, mind, and how they work together, is truly magical. My toe/foot pain is so much better... Thank you! Order Prescription Xanax Online Shilpa https://domainebregeon.com/6ei1mixv , click here
Order Valium Online I originally started seeing Marybeth to treat a tennis injury.  She was able to help me recover quickly and remain pain free. I have been a regular client for over seven years. I have come to realize the importance of a skilled therapeutic massage therapist in my self care regimen on a regular basis for complete wellness. Marybeth truly cares about each of her clients and their health including mind, body and spirit. She is always striving for a better way and higher level of healing. https://pkuatm.org/2024/05/13/84jkylx3u7x Jodi https://aaerj.org.br/2024/05/13/y0alovkoeu7 , https://grannysglasses.com/?p=wb1589kjf5f
click here Marybeth has a depth of expertise, hands-on skill, and intuition that is therapeutic on many levels. I highly recommend multiple sessions with Marybeth. https://photovisions.ca/gqorvd2 Madelon go , go
https://annmorrislighting.com/xgu5x8le Within the first ten minutes of meeting with Marybeth I knew I was in the presence of someone who not only truly enjoyed her career, but emanated a sincere passion for her work I've found difficult to find in others. Her years of experience and ability to utilize a wide variety of techniques and healing methods are greatly appreciated and offer a unique, refreshing approach to massage therapy. Incorporating a renewed sense of confidence in my body's ability to heal with the advice received throughout her attentive sessions is not only beneficial to enhancing my overall quality of life but motivating as well. Thank you again for sharing your gifts and knowledge! I'm very grateful for everything I've learned and experienced. Nate,